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new work updates

after tile is gone

Heres the same floor as the terrazzo threshold.It was in need of patching in many areas.Notice the ghosting or shadowing of the lines where the tile use to be.This is common with concrete previously covered by other types of flooring(tile,wood,carpet,linoleum,vct).


This was a terrazzo threshold we added between an existing concrete floor and an existing wood floor. You dont see that every day! The rest of the concrete floor will be polished and dyed a grey color.

Current project

We have started to wet grind the floor at a residence where the previous floor has failed. The concrete floor "specialist" left the owners high and dry as they got
their money and hit the road and now the sealer is popping off the floor as sharp chunks.We will grind off the remaining sealer and color and polish the concrete and dye it a vibrant blue...Stay tuned for before and after pics!:)

Old vs. New

Notice any differences in these sections of concrete...? Its polished against an unpolished section.2 slabs pic

the ugly side of a concrete floor

Removing carpet glue prior to beginning the polishing process.This is not as fun as it me on this one.glue removal

new pics

Heres a not so typical work environment we endured recently.polished concrete prep
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