Terrazzo-Save it or cover it?
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Terrazzo-Save it or cover it?

If you're thinking about restoring your terrazzo,sometimes it's just not
worth saving-while we do offer terrazzo restoration services,more often
than not people decide to go over their terrazzo with a concrete topping
of some sort. The old terrazzo must first be ground aggressively to allow
proper adhesion from a new topping.We offer Skimstone,microfinishes and
polishable concrete overlays to fit your design.We have just completed a project
that was 2,000 square feet. An entire house composed mostly of damaged terrazzo and uneven concrete slabs.The end results were very smooth and consistent. You wouldnt know all the damage that was there unless you had seen it.The contractor liked it so much he said he wanted to give me a hug...he didn't
but I got the point :)
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